DON'T LET GRANNY BABYSIT YOUR KIDS! + Grandpa is a FGTeeV Fan! (Granny Chapter 2 Update)

DON'T LET GRANNY BABYSIT YOUR KIDS! + Grandpa is a FGTeeV Fan! (Granny Chapter 2 Update)

Granny Chapter 2 has an amazing update!! So proud! Thank all you dudes and dudettes out there that help made this possible. Without you, it wouldn’t have happened! 🙂 THUMBS UP if you love Taco Nina!
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FGTeeV is a Family Gaming Channel of 6 people. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it’s Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.

wait wait what mangas let’s have a playdate shut the door let me get the crowbar ly let me get the crowbar yo what’s up MC team is this your boy Itsuki be daddy in today something cray cray happen a grand a night it’s a huge update granny and Grandpa they’re not babysitters there’s some new items and a whole bunch of other stuff and let’s get into it with both of them now I told you in the last video that we’re gonna try to escape with both granny and Grandpa and I did stay to the end of the video to see that day one all right now before we get started let’s just creep on upstairs cuz I got something to show ya this is one of the new items commissioned granny not here huh huh who okay nobody here all right ready look at this oh my goodness this is a radio let’s see what happens when we press it I would like the radio to turn off turn it off Rose this song is Li you never heard this song before no I’m sorry I’m sorry auntie TV but let’s do let’s get back to this all right what is that noise hello Oh what are you doing bro sure not yet do poo what’s that noise this TV microphone actually plays Granny’s house though right Shawn you want to know what else plays Granny’s house listen playing it without me this is this is my first time seeing it I knew about it my first time seeing it you saw chicken wings hey it opened up pear trees why it happened are you spoiling it for me okay I’m gonna be I’m strictly on the quest for anything new oh my gosh this is off to a bad start beef day sideways butt cheek AB okey I don’t need a pokey yeah drop it post knackered oodles of munchkin noodles please don’t see me baby Nina taco loco day four and I’m not even trying to play I said I went to practice vote whoa Oh Gramps is sleeping no play it with the fdtv microphone in store soon okay ready stop oh my goodness did you know about this oh my goodness y’all in drina’s Bobby is here who’s in there Oh oh my goodness there son wait no die just ring something what would I do damn what is this is this a crank wheel way I could just do this by hand no you’re gonna need something I need a wrench dude we gotta get the wrench we got a wrench a baby in a ratty Oh what else Okin good do lose that spider that’s the baby here what what was that you did you see that did you see that Oh I got weight to just close the door what’s a torque raining ah do chill I would’ve stepped in there oh that’s why the baby don’t go that’s actually kind of like I got a call somebody about that no can’t you find me neither not an actual phone hello fireman neighbor there’s two babysitter’s that put a baby like in a really bad situation new can you help call call my mom okay he was just telling me what’s good bro and they got me at the grand booth anyways that wasn’t actually helpful call my mom you were a day five back outside we don’t have any more days to figure this out but I’m guessing we need to somehow shut this we need you wait we need to find like a board maybe it’s just not here right now what we just run ready uh oh I blonde oh no oh no yeah okay day one there’s always something you got to do now all right now it’s good luck you always got to start the first day off with playing this song Hey Joe stepped up little man is like his pops you’re a boss bro yo y’all pound day right there girl let me tell you something Shaun was like your dad I want to make a song as a guy I put on a beat put on the headphones put him in front of the mic and he did this in one take oh you heard that no that’s the baby right what is ringing you only don’t know it’s like there’s an invisible bet all the baby must be ringing the bell you hear that who’s playing that grandpa grandpa likes my music I knew you was a fanboy yo that we grandma’s a subscriber dude yeah that’s actually kind of live that they can present do it up on the rich thank you right here please don’t be outside this is a hiding spot let’s find out this is the strapping okay I think he’s outside you saw him oh I just want to see what this wrench does here we go baby I bet you the baby campaign because they’re tall like me look watch I get cut off on the camera see oh my goodness I got them tripping on my phone why no don’t you don’t down now really you just maybe want Dunkin Donuts because you like working dog down now you got this short whoa what just happened go up quick I bet you we shut that door so that the squid can’t come in what do you think we did we shut the door it’s like all dried up now baby Mina’s probably won’t come out we’re the baby I don’t even know if it to him oh it’s right there I think it can attack me Google has detection seriously where they can detect if you’re sad and if you cry in the video they might flag the video Google’s like Big Brother up in here anyways know where a crowbar is so that’s good so I guess baby just knocks you out for a little bit doesn’t kill you know I bet the baby odelay white just one time you might be right like oh grandpa please don’t be a granny right here I don’t know but I’m going for it I’m going for it I’m going for it protect the veins in the neck imagination so flippin cute bro well I wish I was you and I was a kid I was bullied in school and I don’t think anyone like me as a kid I don’t think no white like me as a teenager and everybody likes me acid don’t enough depressing stories let’s just go see the world’s watch babysitter’s out wow racist bow to the grumps do we undo it I just got to air my dirty laundry so I did it um no but seriously though in life you know saying like you you just gotta I’m trying to get I’m trying to be motivational I’m trying to be motivational I try to be motivation about y’all has ever dealing with like a bully situation for first you should tell somebody and not try to keep it to yourself because you’re not really proving what you calling that when one is out he just says no no hang up hang up we got like oh my god don’t push me to the great scream there’s it Oh no get me problems try be motivational the goofed up and so you just got a shot turn the light back on you step back Oh Chuck you turn the light on shine do motivational speak now who just got motivational squeaks if somebody’s bullying you you should tell somebody about it your parents at least another friend like if your parents don’t care go tell your friend ask your friend to tell those parents or go to you can go talk to somebody in school if you older you talk to somebody at church they got hot lines understand bro if you can use that to make you stronger like what I did I’m saying the sky is the limit Shawn left the room sorry guys maybe another day for the motivational speech but just remember that you are a beautiful person and no matter what nobody say it just matter what you think about yourself and if you got good thoughts about yourself you set birth you said let’s get back to the game play alright here we go it’s Chun donkey did he not see me for don’t know I don’t want to have a battle I want to play the game so Shawn King you not no no stop stop stop wait what is that oh this wasn’t here before was it meat I was just thinking that you’re smart dude for an 18 year old you are a genius what should we do just drop it for her on the ground is she ringing the bell to get Grandma and Grandpa to come give her food so when you hear the bell they’re on their way I think to come Feder no yeah look see oh yeah look she eat eat some yeah we have the food great we do have the food so I’m thinking that’s what we do if we drop it we go get the crowbar you down to try yeah well guess what I know it’s right hey listen this is drunk drop break I dropped it where is it right there go go right there you saw that that trick me that’s my phone can you grab it it’s my reminding to punch granny and a little busted little faith the last day how bad is wheeze yeah how bad is we yeah why you agreeing with me you should be like you’re not that bad daddy where to meet where dummy me she ate it yeah I got a run really quick and just go and try to get the crow great come come yeah I don’t even kid come knock me out okay I’m a wake up I’m sleepy pop sleepy doodoo come on come on come on sleep it I’m waking back up I’m gonna go up anyway I’m trapped wait there let me go granny gonna be right here and no she’s gonna be going for here boom got the crowbar let me get the crowbar Li’s let me get the crowbar you got a crowbar why can’t I get a crowbar you have to get your crowbar and just beat up this iPad oh I broke my screen no Kenji Kenji okay don’t Sean please Applause Laughter I love you so funny brother keys like oh my this is silly you’re the best bro you know I saw somebody online say that’s your TV’s so annoying you doesn’t even focus on goods they always get distracted and they talk bro that’s what this channel is we have fun ok we’re not sending we don’t got nothing to prove about gaming to nobody you come here because you like to see us like look this is my daughter right here she got me come here lucky how was something like she got me she got me a Starbucks and a drink oh you so you didn’t get me anything thanks thanks can I show you something real quick listen real quick no so lame anyways thank you for getting Shawn food done she’s skipping school yeah that’s right school you heard it we’re skipping ok we ain’t breaking no laws she’s sick prove it please you eat my eggs oh yeah look here oh my goodness why they keep doing that lol oh you spitting it out bro there’s a red pepper 444 years old oh no not yet they patched it so now you can’t you can’t stand in there George we’re gonna hide in there look boom and just duck down granny can’t see you I don’t know if that’ll work though that would be really cool though of you if step oh that’s right duck down there’s a supper in my chest that’s so creepy the corner no grandpa were you due back here did they make the game harder gun to be honest I don’t know why this is so hard I was gonna wait to the end of the video to show you but it really was nothing that great so I’ll just show you right now I beat it on granny and Grandpa mode was just rate focused no gameplay because see when I gotta talk to the camera if I got to be really really interesting which usually is pretty much every single video I’ve ever done it’s really hard to also focus on the game at the same time and so but look it is I love his chatter so much I beat it bro that might be record time bro I don’t even know but I beat it granny and Grandpa I said peace to them fools oh no there’s both of them you can try to see me all you want bro but the fact of the matter is you ain’t got the phalanges or the metatarsals to cut up to my cadence seen on sand all right we got this we got this it’s all good cuz grandpa’s who I want cuz frankly and you might be asking who’s frankly duh he’s the brother of Bruce Lee seriously bro you must not be a kung fu master imma dipstick call the check or yo put another wolf Corp someone who is due feet yeah Wow a lollipop in a jig that’s pretty brilliant right guys thumbs up for lollipops in the drink wait it is time to stun that little baby oh this might be like a violation of some sort of I don’t care about that this might be a violation of some sort of like rights or something yeah oh no yeah no I shouldn’t do it though because the babies across seas huh we got to get our low passports first oh wait I didn’t get the key from Gramps oh my goodness did I see it I’m a doof bro I meant to get the key imma grab to me back granny bracket out oh snap I’m a grad is here I’m a grad is here i’ma shoot this letter in the derriere that’s my turn that way rocking me right there what’s the granny old booty sticking through the wall granny yeah lovely let’s hear it and choo choo my bad bro I forgot to do this before give me yo key bro wait give me you know hi hi let her go past let it go past let it go past it’ll go fast oh my gosh no don’t you drop down you do not smell me yeah no you don’t know you don’t okay I actually I know now go weapon key she’s gonna cry ya don’t wanna get on a shotgun oh yeah yeah yeah let’s do that yes we’ve got that shotty hits that’s a TV daddy let’s just pop that little baby we gettin somewhere guys I’m sorry it took so long and sorry oh that just felt wrong no let’s just don’t that just felt really really wrong I never met you so we’re dropping yes okay got my wrench everybody’s gone I literally just like the whole family oh my goodness is like a rug it’s like a bear rug just don’t feel right something is wrong with this yes everything oh my gosh can I blow it up like a balloon oh my goodness bro oh my goodness no is Billy my goodness y’all wait what I don’t even think about that I was just trying to show y’all thing is doing this update cause I’ve escaped so many times I feel like I don’t need to escape again there’s nothing left to prove to you guys that I can do it but now I did all of that just for a boat will you made me harm an innocent little baby creature she’s never gonna ring the bell I have to at least ring the bell okay her ghost shall live on forever they probably won’t come out flip wait what’s actually gonna happen I want them to come out be like oh goodness oh goodness Laughter baby who you probably supposed to be babysitting it’s just chillin on the floor look like a bearskin carpet looking like a dear pal oh my gosh I just want to shout out my boys rig lit what’s up how you doing strakes she don’t even care that’s the worst granny ever Lee I thought she was mean to me like I survived escaping Granny’s house baby need a taco baby Nina not so much you hear that it’s playing again so that means grandpa that’s kind of kudo I mean not the song we all know that right because if you think about like the Bell is cool because you know that like within 30 seconds or something granny’s at that side of the house when you hear the song playing you know grandpa just pressed it because he’s the biggest fan ever true and so you know that he’s upstairs so it kind of gives you okay okay okay okay I should just scare like hey come on spot me Sean back yeah a cup of noodles yeah like how you say this like why do I have to give it my own oh no I just shot my both shots oh gosh she doesn’t see me she doesn’t see me oh my gosh grandpa’s not that chunky now she’s coming now she coming chika mystical mystical miss you come in she comes she come in to get me Oh boki okay now she’s gonna go there it’s the last day see I’m not really trying to escape I just want to show you guys what’s new and I feel like I’ve done that but is it is it like am I being like a sore loser not a sore loser am I being like not a good sport if I don’t escape I don’t really wanna sky just want to show you what was good but I guess fine I’ll escape alright time to escape I guess no we did it guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope that you enjoyed it laughter I’m trying to pretend that I’m using old escape footage Pro and chefs are to be you clears your schedule yeah oh great let’s thank you guys later we got merged on the website shop that up to TV desk got collectible figurines and Game Stop sniffs UK Amazon target hey Hot Topic shot that up GT a microphone coming out bag of beans fart gun grannies merged two new shirts on the store I drunk I’m strong to high five bro give it up for us y’all like us and if you don’t what is something’s wrong with you I think I’m kind of all gamed out right now cuz like I’ve been yelling so much I have a headache play game for fun but that way I could be like oh well this is cool and I have to be like FG TV Shopping Network just want to share with you some new products we have your first up we got this brand new fish TV if that’s too large we also have here this mini excited to find a little dirty little Shawn little taste little sexy little Michel Seydoux mom got some big ticket soon and some sweaty ones also oughta make a choice one of all yo the believe we probably be available at these locations Freddie you’re humongous what I get out of here I’m gonna destroy every little butt face little far for doody doody waffle



How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

This is how to make your own custom face in roblox! And even use it in game! Wow! You must have something like paint to edit your face. And this only works on Windows 7/8/10.

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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet­to­be­dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.

how’s it going guys shop looks here in this video I’ll be showing you guys how to create your own custom faces in roblox and wear them on your avatar this works for faces on the catalog or faces that you can completely create from scratch in paint or paint on there but I’m to start off the video I’ve actually got warning on my account do not swear use profanity or otherwise say inappropriate things on roblox what the hell what is this what have I done this time I generally don’t know what they say it’s content delete it oh it’s on my shirts offensive item I don’t know why I’m cursed offensive items shirt what okay I’m gonna put a picture of this shirt on the screen right now this is not offensive at all there’s no swear words profanity or inappropriate things in this t shirt whatsoever what absolute moron of an admin decided to give me a warning one absolute wha see and what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna reactivate my account right now now show you guys how to get these custom faces now to get these faces what you actually have to do is go over to your avatar and you have to equip the default face okay so this costume will be perfect for it and you have to go into body and face and you have to click on any face and then click off of it this will make sure you’ve got the default face equipted and then what you want to do is you want to click on the search icon at the bottom if you’re using Windows 10 if you’re using iOS or Android I don’t think you’re able to do this unless you’ve got some kind of jailbreak or routes I’m not too sure but if you’re using Windows 10 you can do this perfectly fine or pretty much any other windows so this will work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well so click on the search icon and you want to type in roblox and then once you’ve typed in roblox what you want to do is click on the Open File location and you actually want to find roblox in the file location now we’re going to find two programs in here we’ve got roblox player and roblox studio you want to select roblox player right click it and then click on open file location’ which is this I’ll shut down when I’m gonna go into content we are going to go into textures and you can find the face in here now this is the default face and if we edit the default face we can customize it and turn it into any face we want to and wear it on our avatar there’s one catch to this and anyone else can’t see it but if you’re making a youtube video and you want your face to be custom and all your fans can see it then this is absolutely perfect for you so we’re gonna get the face we’re gonna right click it you’re gonna click on copy we’re gonna click on a blank space we’re gonna right click and we’re going to click on paste now we’ve got two the old one is just a backup in case you want to put it back to the original now with the backup face what you want to do is right click rename and just give it some kind of name just so you remember what it is so for me I’m just gonna call it maybe like original face I’ll just call it original face one just so I remember there you go that is completely fine we’re then going to get the one that just called face dot PNG right click open with and now you choose what you want so got paint paint 3d or if you have paint on it installed this is the best one you can get so we’re gonna choose this and I’m gonna scroll in create a new layer and we can start actually editing my original face now you can pretty much edit this however you want you know you can get a paint bucket you can change the eye color maybe you can change see like mouth color to something else you know it’s entirely up to you what you decide to do this one kind of looks like a Halloween face but I guess Halloween’s over now so I’m going to create my own custom face and we can see how cool it looks and then we can actually get it into the roblox game guys I am back and here is the face I have designed that I’ve got two red eyes I’ve got monster mouths and I’ve got some blood dripping out of the eyes now and I actually made this a while ago but I just decided to use it today and I’m actually going to make the eyes a bit brighter maybe a little bit cooler I don’t know and then once you’re done with your face you want to go to file and you just want to click on save and then you just want to click on OK and what this is gonna do is overwrite the face dot PNG and it’s now going to be your custom face next you want to go back on the roblox browser now if you refresh your avatar and you’ve got a little more face on as you can see nothing is showing up but don’t worry because when you join a game this is when we can tell it’s working so what you going to do is find a game of choice let’s just go for the games list let’s join this one of how I think it’d look quite cool in this let’s go ahead and join and hopefully my custom face is now working and guys check this out here is my custom face and that is looking really cool and now if anyone else has to default face I’m pretty sure it does actually show up as this face for them as well because it’s kind of like a glitch where you’re just overwriting the original texture and turning it into something cool and but luckily not many people seem to like the default face everyone chooses you know faces on the catalog and they never really have the default face actually this guy has it there you go or you’ve got matching monster faces and yet it definitely looks very cool I really like having your own custom face inside of games and it looks like this guy knows my channel size awesome are you the YouTube youtuber yeah nice fun and cool alan cool see ya guys that is how you get custom faces inside of games now you can also take faces off the catalog you don’t just have to like create your own so i’m going to be showing you guys how to do that right now so guys you can also get faces that already on the catalog so maybe just go to one its high to low something like that just one that’s pretty rare and let me show you it works let’s say you want the pie face jelly freckles and all you want to do this one it’s a lot easier you don’t have to customize it really where you can if you want to actually but you want to right click the image and click save image as then you want to save it somewhere in your downloads folder but make sure you call it face and then it should be dot PNG at the end and we’re just gonna click on save and it’s very simple you’re gonna find your face in your downloads folder you’re gonna right click you’re gonna copy it you’re going to go into the folder and we’re going to replace this again so we’re go and go and paste replace the file it should replace that and now we can play a game and see if we’ve got this one working and here you go guys we’ve now got our face from the catalog inside of the game and as you can see it’s working as well sounds pretty much it if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to LIKE and subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one


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Hey, it is Gargadoo back with another Roblox Giveaway stream where I am giving away and showing how to get New Roblox Live Jailbreak Stream Free Robux Obby + Promo Codes Jailbreak Group for you guys 😀

Giveaway for ROBLOX.
ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18-year-olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet-to-be-dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.

Can I get Robux, BC, or valuable items for free?
No – Any offer to give free Robux, Builders Club, or valuable Limited or LimitedU Items is a scam. These are set up as a trick to get you to give out your password or sensitive information, click on a bad link or otherwise make it so that someone can take your account and/or all of your Robux and items. Never enter your password anywhere other than the Roblox login page. Never share your password or sensitive information with another user. Never click on suspicious offsite links.

What is Robux

Robux is the money of Roblox, with Robux you can buy items from a huge catalog of customization items for your character. Robux can be purchased on the main Roblox site or obtained for free, as I’ll explain in a moment.

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ROBLOX Bots are STALKING YouTubers IN GAME… (Roblox Drama)

ROBLOX Bots are STALKING YouTubers IN GAME... (Roblox Drama)

hi hello today i took a look at a new thing that has been happening recently with roblox bots stalking roblox youtubers while in game. pls like and subscribe


Video Title – ROBLOX Bots are STALKING YouTubers IN GAME… (Roblox Drama)


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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages.

so guys recently there has been a new like thing with roblox spots stalking and monitoring roblox youtubers okay and just following them around and spamming them with a bunch of dumb random stuff okay and I saw this today because a person person named Zack RB thank you for this video idea to get whoa check him out he made a video on and stuff but he showed me there’s so much you know what the heck bro it’s like yeah I decided I’m gonna make a video on this also because uh I have no video ideas right now so I’m just gonna hop on something real quick so yeah let’s let’s do this buh buh buh buh but what both when we do that guys I need you all to leave a like on this video and if you leave a like on this video no joke you will be rich and famous on roblox you’ll wake up and you’ll have over a million robots and you’ll be one of the most famous roblox’s ever so if you don’t like this basically saying you don’t want to be rich and famous so like you know just say you should do it you’ll be rich you’ll be famous you’ll you’ll be a bazillionaire bro no joke so on also guys if you subscribe you will not be stalked today in roblox you won’t be stalked in general you will live a happy life without being stalked and murdered so you know go go for it smash smash the little subscribe button bro and hit the little bell guys so you can hit the videos even steel you see was talking to my channel so uh yeah and also guys most importantly I need you all to comment stalk for every comment that says stock I will literally leave a heart on it no jobs no scam every Conesus dog I will heart just comment stock you know you guys if you go over to the search bar on Twitter okay we can type in with Forex and matrix whatever you want to say it has open up is weather right here I’ve scrolled down and right see you he has okay and it says what the Frick is this okay right here it has an even video that I will just play for you guys you literal world long spots just falling around it and that’s quite a speedrun for okay and it sings random like texting saying that he’s being monitored his behavior needs to be monitored it monitored and followed it’s really weird he’s just being stalked around it’s super super weird and they thought isn’t the only producer this happening so telling the people like Albert it’s golden a golden Isle whatever his name is I remember FedDev it just so many other youtubers so so and right here basically it’s saying like your behavior briefly monitored and this is Bud dove okay as like you behaviors being monitored and they have like exploits and they’re just falling around teleporting to them and then right over here we have gold and out right here he’s like yo we’re being I’m being followed is this having anyone else okay and right here you guys flamingo or Albert basically dropped a video 19 hours ago it’s like someone made roblox by accounts aspire me but basically someone just like follow as someone made like a role roblox bot and it’s falling around with exploits it’s all this stuff and he joins games and shows you to what going what’s going on he talks about it so I yeah hi guys if you take a look at like the text set it says okay it says if you want to like tossed out of getting like these pots falling you just in your emails like a specific person and basically I’m fairly sure and that’s this like is the email it’ll just send you back by spamming supplements gonna ask your password not so I can’t confirm this I cannot because I haven’t really looked into that far over much I don’t they’re not following me apart accosted it but it’s hell dude email and it was basically people are saying I think you like oh give me your password and we’ll take it out or whatever you’re almost a sketchy bro I’ll it maybe maybe oh it’s definitely a pretty good situation you guys and if you like weird situations where people get stalked you know subscribe to the channel bro we’re doing 70 subscribers away from 4 000 like a somewhat decent case you know so I’ll be happy with this we’re 72 preserving the way so if you want to help me out here click the red button bro make it may be brave I mean it’s little bell beside it and make that great funny that’s like maybe pick me food or whatever it is so like tell me what you guys think on this immediate situation you guys wanna be pulled around in roblox do you think just give me your ideas and thoughts and like who’s doing this what’s going on bro please please please do not get murdered and I will see you guys next roblox

BALDI JOINS MY GAME!! (Roblox Flee The Facility)

BALDI JOINS MY GAME!! (Roblox Flee The Facility)

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BALDI JOINS MY GAME!! (Roblox Flee The Facility)
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Today I will be Playing a game called ROBLOX FLEE THE FACILITY. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! Remember to Subscribe for more Roblox.

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guys I don’t like this hey guys before watching this video make sure you subscribe to the channel also make sure you click the bell to say notify when I will be uploading a video and also livestream so you can be first make sure you check the box and press save and if you have time make sure to leave a like on this video to show your support hey what’s going on guys my name is Anthony or Big B stats and welcome back to some more roblox flee the facility sit back relax and let’s get this started as I stare out this window and think about the future of myself right now will I get caught by the Beast will I not get caught by the Beast is it cold up what’s that Baldy okay look you got to stop doing this okay you join in and you scare me every time with your brand new skins okay alright though that was what if they just like transformed and just actually got I wonder if they imagine they just walk through the door right now I be completely terrified it’s like the doorbell ring do you want to answer it no I don’t really necessarily want to answer it because you know it could be anyone it could be it could be a scary pizza man it could be Baldy you know I know we’re not not in Baldy school right now but you know this is actually quite scary all right looks like we’re surviving wall in the facility why aren’t we on the airport I don’t know I should have actually voted for a map so therefore I can’t complain about it all right we’ll all right let’s shut this let’s see if we can find some computers and let’s get up and let’s get out of okay all right there’s no what the Beast actually starts in here all right okay this that’s just unlucky that’s just unlucky all right every single time where all these commuters the Beast always sends a spawn up in the same room I am in every time I don’t know why but yeah it always tends to happen that way all right let’s just hack this we got this there we go and I don’t know if I’ll get any help Baldy come help me pretty please I imagine if I could just summon Baldy like Baldy Baldy well are you okay okay I don’t think I don’t think he’s gonna come to help me have this computer you know the good thing is that baldies not the beast right now because i see road ab adobe and yeah a good thing is that they’re not the Beast because then I will be caught right now still five computers left don’t worry we got this I almost feel like risk me you know what I’m gonna open the door look at that that’s the ultimate risk you know no one can stop me all right I want them to hear my keyboard okay hear me tight here that you hear me press these angry Keys right now oh my angry hands are pressing the the just the peaceful keyboard that’s what if that’s what I mean all right still five computers left I’m so used to already seeing that as for whenever I start hacking my first computer I’m always a bit like hmm okay but we have some pretty high level players in here but I don’t think the Beast is a really high level now the thing about that is is I don’t necessarily try and judge off of the high level of the beast at least because sometimes the beasts just good okay sometimes the beast is very good no matter what the level is of the beast but I feel like I want to go back in that room and check to see if the beast is even even moving because I feel like the Beast isn’t even moving for some reason I don’t know why but all right three computers left here guys if we get out of this already I’ll be so happy but I personally feel like we are gonna get out of this definitely okay we’re good we’re good okay look left look right look left guys I don’t like this hello guys that was that scary I definitely you guys definitely saw that too right oh my goodness that was so creepy that was extremely creepy honestly Hey what all right you guys I’m losing my mind here I’m just gonna continue hacking and hopefully I never have to see them again right now because that is just creepy that was very very creepy all right oh I thought I don’t know why I thought that was the beach for some reason I just got super terrified doors are already open would you look at that the Beast is in here too the Beast isn’t even moving doing that the Beast just run straight for me are you kidding me are you kidding me alright look I just feel like I should just escape okay I’ve seen Baldy I’ve seen enough okay my heart can’t take this alright so I’m leaving I’m going you never imagine just pops out of the doorway alright I think that’s it I’m gonna sneak out BAM we’ve just managed to escape ladies and gentlemen I am very very happy about that one that’s what I’m talking about that is how we roll oh yeah alright you successfully flee the facility ohyeah ohyeah ladies and gentlemen it looks like everyone managed to escape and the Beast is stuck here all alone trapped in the world forever alright trapped in the world alright well there we have it ladies Jim I’m very very happy about that one time to go over to the airport let’s see if the airport map can we actually pick the airport map in this I got a feeling I’m gonna end up being the Beast though so if I had to be the Beast hmm I would probably want to be the Beast on abandoned facility maybe and would you check that out ladies and gentlemen looks like we are the Beast I knew it I knew it I knew it I knew it I knew it I knew it alright well there we have it ladies and gentlemen it is time okay it’s time to capture them all all right it’s time to capture mo all right okay I can’t break this computer unfortunately but what I can do is no no unauthorized entry guess what Yolo I’m walking through that I wish I could go through that vent but I can’t if only there was a way to figure out you know how to crawl all right that would be good I think someone’s in here yeah they are come here buddy oh yeah and a good night and a hello I mean a hello and a good night you guys know me got that mixed up but we are gonna put you in a nice coat pod here don’t did I just get teleported what what was that about I literally just teleported I tell like you guys just saw that I don’t think I’m anywhere near that room actually that was so weird huh oh that was so weird okay well anyway oh maybe the I didn’t even know I don’t know how to explain it look I know you’re in here somewhere okay I know you’re somewhere around here so don’t you think you can just get away with this all right because I won’t allow it and I know you’re gonna try and go save your friend now well guess what it’s a bit too late well nobody came to save you I feel really bad I’m sorry buddy I’m sorry you know I really thought someone was gonna come and save you but you know what no one D will just shut this door and we’re gonna look for this last person all right well we could technically make this person rage quit I don’t know if we should they just left honestly that was the quickest speech round ever guys we just I don’t even know what’s wrong you know I today is just a special day we managed to make everyone everyone just quit everyone literally just quit like we just managed to win that one can’t believe it can’t believe it we also got hunters mom Andy how you doing hunters mom it’s good to see you it’s good to see you I can look at those dances over there look at them dance skills awesome awesome wow that was uh that was incredible all right well looks like we’re a survivor and we’re now on the facility of course there’s no there’s no computer over there I mean what did you expect of course there isn’t okay but we’re back here this feels like deja vu feels like I’ve done this before for some reason why because we have okay we already got that 15 second Head Start which is already up that’s okay I think we can escape this very quick I know we can I know we can excite this all right let’s just keep hacking this computer now if the Beast ends up leaving this is just a sign okay this is sign this is a sign that Baldy has cursed my game I feel almost forgot that Baldy joined in my game and scared the life out of me I mean all right I don’t want to think about it it’s a new day it’s a new game focus okay focus all right there we go don’t you worry don’t you worry all right we’ll just work on this computer we’ll get this done get out of here game we’ll get out almost missed that one okay okay come on come on come on keep at it keep at it we can do this BAM there it is okay slowly slowly slowly but surely let’s just say this all right come on come on come on four left three left BAM okay all right you need to make sure then we get this okay all right look at that look at the timing on that one okay you would go for that computer huh you would go for that one all right beast beast has no idea what’s going okay okay nice dance moves you’ve been dancing ever since I saw you all right there we go let’s hack this oh you guys messed up that wasn’t me that wasn’t me okay look at them dance skills though all three of us teamwork makes the dream work don’t you worry everyone run are you kidding me he actually hit me all right look just you just hacked the computer for me okay he didn’t even pick me up shut the door yes No Oh your bravery though will never will be okay this that you’re just having fun just knocking us all out huh is that is that is that what is that what you don’t okay they just they just you know I don’t know if they know the meaning of flee the facility and maybe maybe they just don’t want to capture us but we got two computers up oh you’ll never catch me alive buddy you should have caught me why you can okay I’m definitely caught here unless we find a vent shuddering your face Oh yeah how does that feel how does that feel oh come on let’s go here there we go quick quick quick quick quick quick quick shut the door oh my goodness let’s hope that there’s computers up here that one’s hacked and alright there’s one left one computer left ladies and gentlemen we can do this I’m Batman we can get out of this okay alright there’s literally one computer left I have no clue where it is boom straight into him oh shut do on your face oh my goodness dem skillz them escaping skills hey hey easy easy easy all right they’re already on a computer which that’s the last computer alright guys we got this we can get out of this come on the door is right there as well that’s alright don’t worry about it we’re back through at it this is this as fast as we can hack it so we’re good we’re good you’d be on Lookout that’s it that’s it that’s it come on come on almost there alright just how I just I just I just hi why would you do that why would you do that now he knows oh my goodness you gotta run did you I don’t know okay oh my goodness what are they gonna go you’re definitely going towards the other exit oh all right we’re good we’re good it’s no way the Beast is coming back over here a lot whoa oh my goodness I’m so caught I’m so caught the Beast actually decides to come back over here are you kidding me why did the beats not go to the other door come on come on come on oh they just escaped come on we’re so close we can do this ladies gentlemen sweet victory sweet victory that’s what I’m talking about there we go we just managed to escape I’m very very happy about that one so there it is ladies gentlemen we’ve all we all have victorious that’s collaborative Forte’s video thank you all so much tuning in remember see if I can share it also feel free to subscribe for more dnews to the channel and I will see you all in the next one Applause



hey guys, so today i like play this game where you basically get others sick!! yea i actually didn’t lose once


hey guys got a new mic I think I sound so this is a game where you basically you you become a sick man and since you’re sick you make other sick on purpose and then you and then you get them sick and then they die you watch them die okay we need you hi before to the sick man comes out and then it starts making a second then we fall over and die cuts prayers how it works you can actually run this game which is really cool so basically got hot away from from one sick kid that’s that’s all I gotta do is just hide away from a sick kid that’s that’s that’s all you need to do in this game is some so meet the play has infected okay cool so now I’m gonna make them sick Andy and I think we had like health bars so uh yeah I’m just going to make them fully sick there you go buddy you can win miss school out now how’s it going how’s it going buddy yes you cannot run you maybe you should have hit it hi hi hi why are you running away why are you running away bro I’m just I’m just I’m just peeing what’s what’s wrong pink yes there you go and I made three kids six seed this why going to schools funk kids you you you just get sick and didn’t you miss school the next day I’m like everyone likes that and I think this guy okay that guy’s already sick and now it’s pretty much is a game of fighting like the untouched kids and then we and then we touch them and didn’t get sick and then they die a guy down here and now yep I just mean I’m sick cool man now you’re gonna call fall over school and there’s this lady right here cool man nice hiding spot now your mom and we made her sick tube nice she is all pink now burner called this sickness I don’t know what to call it a pony glitter yes Pony glitter there’s this guy with tiny t rex arms and we’re gonna make him sick I’m not sure why he has tiny t rex arms that’s kind of weird but okay and he is now said congratulations we’ve made the last player sick in the game okay this last student in the school is actually pretty good oh I thought whoo yes I’m one cool I have guy I am what I get plague bucks and 183 XP coal pulse infection is cool man let’s see I’m gonna go in this VIP room and look there’s a girl guys look there’s a goal there’s a girl and she looks really cool I can I can’t be a verb because this game is is me is making me feel poor I can’t afford that okay this sign I don’t think I will be chosen as a sick kid I will instead be chosen as like you know like a free kid and I need to run away from the sick kid I’m gonna go on the rooftop my plan is to try and run away I’m gonna try and do that okay that’s like a good high spot but I don’t want to hide I want to like run can you like run away I want to get on a rooftop how was that lady aria way up there okay hoeing mean I maybe I could do some cool tricks I play a first we sure gave me a lot so I sure will do it we can I still run yes you can’t still run oh god wait we’re sick oh god that’s a sick kid oh my god my mom told me about him my mom my mom told me about him but my mom said that she didn’t care cuz going to school is more important than a getting sick and dying okay I’m trying my best to get up top on top of there but this lady’s like really good at playing oh my gosh she jumped again she went up their game and I still can’t making houses possible I’m just so I’m so garbage at the game wait is there sick kid down here okay no I don’t I thought there was I did lady that’s not I this is a that’s a dude I’ve been calling I do delay all okay buddy oh man there’s a sick kid there’s a sick kid I don’t think he saw is he he just went in there I’m so glad that I didn’t hide in that weird table thing okay I’m expecting this guy and I think this is a different building yeah and he’s going up to here and he’s probably gonna look inside there but there’s no way wait okay he’s wait oh oh my god oh my god please it okay spot oh my god they’re looking all dumb within his new space look just slobbery oh my god okay okay and that is now having a seat okay that okay doc that guy was having a seizure right there oh my god and there’s like a freak kid trying to run away he’s not gonna be able to do that and he serve as distraction and I will go ahead and make a run for it yes that’s what I’ll do I’ll just make a run for it in this box over here and bam we win the game time is up wow we actually won okay cool buddy we want I level up I don’t know what you can do with a little with a level up in this game no I didn’t really want to go in the VIP room to meet that girl right there but I can because I’m too poor okay this map is a bit harder because there’s no like roof to a camp on top of it’s just like a bunch of hiding spots versus like just just basically being out in the open but it’s hard to reach you can’t really do that in this map and that’s actually pretty concerning this members like some weird boat map thing I don’t know what a call is but this is weird school trip and that that looks very weird okay I’m gonna go outside I guess and just camp yeah okay I’m gonna go outside I’ve one right there yeah that’s what i’ma do oh okay the outside world here we are stuck in this crap okay I can’t go on top of here but this is a pretty useless spot um I don’t know I I don’t wait I could drop down there yes and I get blocked god I just wanted to jump in water and die why can I do that man this game sucks you can’t kill yourself okay there’s one of the sick kids down there and he just went to Berlin cold we’re all gonna die now there’s a sick lady that doesn’t know what a door is yeah there’s a door there lady lady the door okay so she saw me see she she did see me but she ain’t care to go out through the doors like oh yeah we’re here now cool man I got a daughter a there’s six players alive so and I don’t know a good hiding spot I guess I’ll just go behind this box and then just wait to die because I’m like uh uh I’m very certain they’re gonna check this box guys I’m not I’m not gonna lie with you chief I can’t run God wanted a sick oh god there’s two sick kids there’s to sick kids coming over here oh my god oh my god oh I don’t know if I should make a run for it holy crap oh my god who’s gonna come closer oh my god it’s sick he is gonna come closer oh oh please don’t check these boxes I did nothing I did absolutely nothing wrong oh my god running whores to keep just ignore me old man i won i won i okay oh well it’s weird because that last dude saw me but just walked past me and didn’t care at all whatsoever about me I was so weird okay this map is really hard to hide and I don’t know it all were to hide we do have a secret weapon though we have a banana peel we can literally trip over kids and then proceeded to do nothing I for Apple just run we can’t we can’t beat them down or something like that we can only just trip him that kind of sex well I wish this game had like some cool stuff like swords or something so we can defend ourselves well a little a lot better compared to just like food we’re throwing food at infected people that’s not okay buddy this map is really hard like I don’t know where to go wait was that sick kid no Judas follow me a lot and he’s trying to like jump through like windows that don’t exist he’s just follow me so I guess I’m hit im as garena I’m as God now basically is what I am now I will protect you good sir cuz now there’s nine players alive and that number has not oh my god there’s a sick kid dude just run away dude just yeah just run okay I’m a tripping dude run River runner oh my god I’m such a good player guys oh my god we lost him we can’t catch everyone myself yeah I can okay cool and we lost him cool man because of my diversion taxes I also lost him oh okay I’m a terrible oh my god he’s right there oh my gosh he’s right there and I’m just gonna go right yeah oh whoa okay play sound another banana peel oh you okay yeah you can’t place out he’s gonna go walk he walked right okay Wow our weapons are I thought I thought her weapons would be really good but no he actually went through that well it does sup man this is priests or sick kid bro how am i losing health how am i losing health oh god oh god oh god I didn’t mean your trip okay ladies so ladies very mad so okay please sound nother banana peel boy loser loser in this corner loser does corner oh okay go to the same tunnel go to the same tunnel oh my god oh my god okay yeah okay velocity we we we we lost oh my god because she’s trying to go through oh god she’s like she’s smart wait she didn’t see us okay we saw her but she is yes okay good okay how’s it dude on a roof I want to get on a roof that’s a pretty cool spot to go on Oh God sick kid get away from me but AMPA but their food food food apparently he’s not working he doesn’t owe God I’m very low on health I have like half my health gone and he’s just saying so I think he bit me because he feels bad here you go here’s some food the banana peel doesn’t work I didn’t run out or anything you oh god get out of this spot I’m like I like one shot from for like getting sick I have 30 seconds left and there’s so eight players left but I have one shot and I am dead in his game cameras gonna hide me on here I guess yes I’ll just hide next to a dancer cam because that’s what my channel is a giant dumpster can oh man there’s a sick players they’re teaming up and okay run run run run run is a bad spot run run run run run run run run run run run run run okay over here in this corner I thought that we were gonna die from getting sick cool well I’m done with this game so it looks like kid if you just wanna skip school just get sick on purpose and yeah okay I’m done this game so if you want to play a link is in the pink comment it’s pretty fun it’s too bad there’s like no guns or sore or it’s too bad there’s like no like useless sucks like Arnold defend yourself with but uh it’s very fun and uh yeah I think I had about it there’s actually a bunch of like people with no cool hats on I’m like the only guy with a mask on

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walking alone streets aren t the only Daenerys is the horses I’m getting stronger step by step to talk from soon VI fear ready to explore right Skye I need you Phyllis and oh joy and from we will yeah Oh being from town to town from London to Simon



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Roblox Sinking Ship Live Stream And More

Roblox Sinking Ship Live Stream And More

Tonight Roman Reporting plays Roblox Sinking Ship Live Stream And More with Subscribers come and join me!

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hi guys why I’m in hand today we’re going to be playing some sinking ships I think it was called yeah that’s right and Arsenal so there’s a Halloween updates on sinking ship it’s really cool so far from that I’ve played oh three we can get a few more people in I wanted you to be wearing a Halloween costume get it no no that’s alright man good cipher let’s say we got chicken crazy official Aaron Welch gaming kid hey everybody everything awesome if you want to join you if you would like to join the VoIP server that it’s in the live chat just click on that that will get you into the game you can come and join Roman the boat still sinking I feel that sinking in the background so the idea of this game is to try and survive as long as you possibly can until the boat has fully sunk how can you just go to the cabinets or something cool so if you die so here you go guys if you want to join in just click on the link VIP linked to the server and you better join Raymond oh nice one we hope you all having a great Sunday well you guys been up to you and as it is the art on holidays rona be streaming it for one hour tonight is up really high I think it’s gonna go right into the water Filippo plays hey how you doing Austin’s great to see you I’d be having a great Sunday and says if you gets up would you put Halloween costume on Roman can go you’d have to run off and go get it yeah maybe maybe next time then it gets bonfire night it’s almost nearly sunk sailor hey how you doing awesome misses her room can you give me a shout out sure shout out to Jack Taylor mm hmm thanks for joining us Jack welcome to the channel I’m kind of stuck here now there’s hope the ship kind of tilts a bit more for me because I’m yeah got a stronger tear now if you wanna join right guys then here’s the VIP link if not what we do someone just jump into a normal game so give it a couple more minutes so we’ve got six people watching so let’s go for a like spike in five four three two one like spike mush them like buttons guys if you’re a gamer Oh almost got my legs stuck in there our flipper places just can’t Lee making his block birdhouse awesome okay baby we’ll jump into there’s good just answer for a bit kind of all into the water so he’s getting strong purposefully exploding the water my life check it okay if you wanna skip out there then right and then we’ll just play a normal game for a bit it’s only other games you’d like to see round plane tonight that’s no after this we will play Arsenal and then after that if you guys want to play a different game we can play that is Oh Gavin kid was looking filling is anyone else want the link if you do then we can we could jump back almost probably just still finishing up yeah bleep Oh sis can we do blocksberg it’s just people with boats oh well that’s close oh wow is this heavy liftin must be a popular one same with car carrier I think heavy lift is going to win it crazy chick I’m official says this is the first one for live stream I’ve watched will welcome to the channel crazy chicken official we do appreciate it I hope you’re having an awesome day thanks for coming to check out Romans Channel they’ve got cheese where you gonna go in Scituate starts to sink some find some baubles on the side someone’s got stuck into the floor oh think it’s going that way see there’s an old super can jump on that the way there we go definitely safety now when someone comes back with that boat enough save us millicom hey welcome back to the stream hoping to also missing hola hola Miller micro cam how you been doing well we haven’t seen you for ages hope you’ve had a great Sunday there you go look at that cool I think they’re afk is unsafe definitely survive that’s for sure look at things sinking oh it’s breaking so maybe after this round oh my goodness maybe after this round we could go jump into us nor shall we yes so the waters King and this Russian Navy hey have you doing awesome squid see oh my goodness right well be careful don’t get crushed all these things falling off that jump in quick Oh nothing crazy drugs in this thing yeah okay should we just jump into us no sure don’t find by that yeah okay guys so gonna go to the our VIP service of the Arsenal game so if you just get that for years well Oh should be I can’t join my VIP honey this is being okay maybe I should be done now they got you should go to join if you refresh it it’s the trunk about to homepage and then milk opens is a Roman gets well he’s got new PC awesome awesome that’s very cool game boy a PG hey hope doing awesome says hey our family swim late in a few minutes I’m gonna be seeing movies or soon hope it’s a really good movie have a great time thanks for dropping by Divya come yeah baby didn’t also I guess here’s the VIP link guys you want to join in on the game you can just click on that should just let you free oh wow they’re good not something challenged you can Oh Millie said that was me Oh Jeff what he says can we place a Burson yet that should be okay please look at that one after it’s oh I’m so lucky again baby Jesus room where you gonna dress up for for Halloween I think my gosh she was called the screamer my Reverend says he can’t join let me see if I can force your username in there one second if that helps and second I went over to invite you because of your privacy settings apparently keV whitey says here oh no I’m actually on the leaderboard of Saveur synth that’s awesome yeah Alvin blocks hey hope dick also nice is just dropping by disappoint was off the Spurs yeah and hate Roman who didn’t go Alvin blocks and it started so well one minute came got a header yeah in the first minute so it’s a real shame they lost that in the end but Liverpool were the better team after all I saw been struggling to find their form of link just took too yeah the new keeper sunny proved himself for sure he did an excellent job I’ve got someone to bring office Lee okay tell you that oh my goodness okay guys let’s go for another like spike in five four three two one like spy much them like bugs guys if you’re a gamer it’s good question yeah how is Hugo allure is hope he’s recovering well he’s out till 2020 oh my goodness me Wow police have a new keepers done a good job last something to be thankful for where’s the spamming sniper just flexing well don’t write whoa oh we’re dummies craft wowsers like when you say oh you got your mas Amedda suit say you got you that time consumer Claire no but I’m running sOooo this is your favorite oh good shot oh man what happens when I sweat what not there oh well I was supposed yeah it can actually kill you I’m surprised we haven’t sided what came Kleenex guys but if you want to have a vote then get it in there I think there was saber simulator yeah so we could do same simulator I think I saw two votes for that must be closed now yep I need one more cool to get to be winner er winner winner chicken dinner so close gong gong is next go there’s always tricky the Golden Gun yep Gold knife well my page it presses on a rampage nothing their way from the keyboard on there they took Michael you know is what we’re reporting GG guys DJ do you see that knife spin I did at the end awesome well done guys aya fights at school and so it’s gg good ahead off now bye guys thanks for joining us and we’ll see you again soon hopefully care to say Basim yet we’re gonna do savor soon after this round Chris chicken officials said how often do you stream every Saturday and Sunday that’s right every Saturday and Sunday from 6 30 UK time salute Taylor thanks for joining us have a great Sunday and Allah says never always have a good one the fireworks it sheets out yeah killed yourself man like fires or fireworks or something it’s pretty pretty oh wow this is pretty cool so this is the new Halloween map is it oh yes yeah there’s the pumpkins and everything some spooky candles of the spooky stairs your bro got you that must be Freddy but I’m Freddy what master Miller see got you all these crazy fireworks got funny Oh musta moosie got you movies RPG Kevin whitey says Roman also have a VIP service a verse in so can make me a modern I can post a link for sable to Cynthia okay oh we’ve got to sit fit for it thank you though chicken crazy official says Roman can you do a video with your brother soon thank you they kept that’s pretty considered kind of you oh he got you again it’s Clayton doing drugs yeah you blew yourself up again and I lost a kill because I killed myself oh I hate this gun Oh Laughter technically Haga must notice a what’s the nature hey welcome back to the stream how we doing awesome yet we remember you from yesterday yeah have you having a great Sunday nice are joining us again tonight well after this game we are going to do save a simulator get good view from up here I’ve oscillator 2 sis do you plan the PC yep running on the PC it’s just using these Xbox controller on it tricking crazy officials if I are going to go now but I will come back thanks Chris crazy chicken official we appreciate that I see you again soon thanks for hanging out with us whoa oh you gonna hurt Oh just took my kill that’s been ready to come out now it’s ready but sad roblox is it free yes it is free you just go to roblox calm you can create an account there it’s all free to do there’s no cost they’re battling over me come at me DJ hello welcome to the stream holding awesome thanks for joining us have you have into great Sunday okay guys I gots a few new people so the let’s go for a like spike in 5 4 3 2 1 like spike mash them like buttons guys if you are a gamer why should we change games in a minute sure let’s stop there then and then we’ll say that mustard Millie c1 that one there the most kills but I must let’s see okay we are going to go to save us and later actually I think it was in games that was it and then if you go to the IP server and I’ll put that in the live chat as well so here’s the VoIP link to the server guys you want to join in oscillate who says I’ve been too lazy today oh it’s okay it’s Sunday you allow to be a lazy on a Sunday I’ve played this before a bit cuz my brother’s Oh date into it yeah you beause of this one see look it’s done Wow well that’s incredible I’ll take forever to get rid of it going quick was think I like how it’s got all the housing oh yeah at Quincy stuff like this Boston Isis will you play fort night game soon yes we’ll be playing for tonight again next Saturday apparently Harley is very excited that you’re playing this one your boobs obviously love it you got you here’s the VoIP server link just there it is you can link on their DJ and you can come join in that’s cool Nariko tons of coins around yeah I guess that you coats all the coins up and then you couldn’t purchase things and come stronger and stuff like that Boston aces cool character Kevin white ESA’s Rome do you know what boss is yeah there’s like the hardest and strongest person in the game they have to defeat must be son who’s really really good as you that’s like king of the hill I was like you brothers joined in I can see I’ll both your brothers are playing now pilots of things oh there was both that one got knocked out love your connection issue I’ll probably the VIP isn’t working okay you’re not able to get in care should be working how many coins do I have hundred hey white guys ben says you can go to Wow go oh yeah the boyfriend now can see Wow its way of your brothers there and then put in the same service or wonder why that is okay let me just the this this will get you to Roman’s roblox account sending a friends in vine there and I’ll see if that helps if I accept it does let me know what your roblox name is is something PlayStation 4 man that’s on the Xbox ah oh I can’t get that oh I just had to UM wanna quit my sword buses are you gonna do custom much making fortnight next so yeah we do normally we do normally just do much making the legend says hi dude hey the legend how you doing awesome maybe I’m great sunday welcome to Rome’s channel thanks for joining us this is what’s up bronies Bobby I saw three we hope you’re doing well though legends we are doing really well here they’ll forget guys that are new to the channel we live stream every Saturday and Sunday from 6 30 UK time on Saturdays we do fortnight Sundays we tend to do roadblocks we also play a bit of Minecraft and again if you really like the channel then please do think about subscribing please Romans really appreciate it we’re trying to get to 1500 when we get there we’re gonna do a giveaway quite cool map dragon grit official says I’m back you said you’d be back welcome back Boston this is I hope you’ve had a nice Sunday DJ did you send a friends invite to Roman on roblox oh yeah I think I see now Isis you have the maximum amount of friends so we can’t accept accept it if you’re able to get rid of a friends then we can accept it poison the meat can um I didn’t realize I was outside to the safeassign okay it’s like cones as well candy coins okay American that’s it the legend says why your favorite subject at school science and ICT those like computer need a hundred get a pet from there you know there’s a whole load rounder map though there’s a whole load of things to get Felix in it yeah it’s pretty cool you won’t be able to take him out it’s got loads of strength he’s got a weird face and he’s got a wig t shirt now that it exists you ever play roblox jailbreak yawns I’m not one for a while love you yeah you do player oh we can play that one next week and he’s taking my crown mm hmm village insists were you from where from the UK keeping growing quite well on this you know 621 didn’t start with zero he says how long you’ve been stringing for four years isn’t it yeah such a long time we used to do different videos back then than we used to be vlogs and stuff like that you didn’t really start live stream until maybe a couple years ago McCarty says hi Raymond hi hey Nick hardy hope doing awesome thanks for joining us hope you having a great Sunday if anyone wants to join on the VIP server here’s the link listeners like Luke I am your father crazy chicken flushes what’s your favorite game oh they go pokey here is giving us a coat so use master three three nine five four five hundred counties Wireless amazing Thank You pokey here oh yeah there we go couple my that so there we go guys let’s see if this one works if it works get that in there few cells get yourself five hundred candies thank you to pokey heroes shout out to you for giving us that code we really do appreciate it works Thank You pokey hero that was super cool of you the legend says do you watch any youtubers besides yourself of course no he doesn’t like what you can service back at all he hates it but you do have some favorite youtubers who’d you watch on YouTube going to the max Alvin box and lots of fortnight streamers I can endlessly list I watch a lot of dantdm dantdm Creek crafts else dog gaming is really good tear plays those do you watch you watch and unspeakable gaming impressed in place so you watch a whole host of youtubers you promise like dude perfect as well yeah what’s innate who says dantdm is really entertainment more entertaining sorry yes he is I got to the same also there’s a 25 though it was the second highest make sure it’s pretty good you got a whole load of thank you so much but that pokey hurry allowed Roman to get himself some pets which is super super useful look at that and your strength is growing like crazy now oh he’s really cool look at that that was amazing the legend says did you watch our be battles back in September no I didn’t I didn’t know I know what is oh my goodness look how many coins I have whoa that’s it cool that is so cool look at that where are we he go here’s another one roving use code trick or treat for another 500 counties Wow Thank You pokey here and thank you careful whitey that is super super cool of you so let’s put that one in trick or treat just with cattle tease for entry oh yeah I’m so tired and then after that asteroid bounty well fund can DS and then do a stray these are amazing guys thanks for these codes super super cool love you that was amazing thank you so much guys massively appreciate letting us know about those codes that’s so super kind of you Alvin Glocks it’s where you raid it know do get raided we’ve got we must have been there we’ve got 155 people watching I didn’t realize that oh my goodness oh my gosh it’s 35 well guys that’s amazing I didn’t realize guys OH 162 well guys thank you so much for joining us I didn’t realize we’ve got raided thank you guys for watching us this is the most we’ve had watching us oh so amazing must be a glitch thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoying the stream please do subscribe we’d really appreciate it and let’s go for a like spike let’s get them likes going mad so in 5 4 3 2 1 like spike mash them like buns guys if you are a gamer there we go got another codes at Crow is archived even well this is so amazing we have never had so many people watching us and we massively appreciates it 170 people did that come form that’s just crazy I know I didn’t see anyone read us but that’s insane guys have we’ve been raided please let us know the legend says you guys rule thank you the legend we massively appreciate it and then another code 100m okay we’ve never had this many people watching us it one single time this is crazy guys you guys if you want to join us there is the VIP link you can come join it in the game this is an unprecedented day a hundred and sixty people watching this life I mean wow just wow so crazy it feels like we’re famous it does it does yeah Rob Joe says looks like somebody is butting you or maybe they are I hope not I’d love it to be real here we go another nothing kept where you come with all these clothes is amazing I’ll blow me off Twitter well 1k coins Wow Wow did you do the okay legends thanks for joining us wow this is crazy look at this this is amazing guys thank you for all these codes kept whitey do zharko did you do so okay no he’s like a code genius Maureen eggs answer hey welcome to the string thanks for joining us hope you having a amazing Sunday we certainly are this is the most people had watching this live stream ever oh it is crazy we really appreciate it thanks for you guys the watching if you’re really enjoying it please do think of hit that subscription button and notification bill we live stream every Saturday and Sunday if you’d like to join on the VIP survey there’s the link you can come join us live in the game okay where’s goodness like a whole ton of codes now yeah you type those in I’m gonna ask you this is insane guys thank you so much for these codes so amazing of you oscillator 2 says Roman what you’re gonna be doing for Halloween well the moment you’re doing something recall if you on Rome’s social media he’s got a Instagram if you go on there on that you’ll see what he’s getting up to at the moment he is guys in like me oh my good woman I won eleven thousand straight there are tons and tons of codes here thank you so much will these codes pay here we really appreciate it Maureen like Santa thank you for subscribing we do appreciate it welcome back to the legend I’ve got so many right here welcome Bob son thanks for joining us ok I’m going to put there are so many codes we often make an oval these oh it’s jack Jack from school hey Joe hi jack thanks for joining us sooo many there are tons and tons we’ll make a note of these well Halloween for 500 crowns this is this crazy and there’s so many people watching as well which is crazy so amazing thank you everybody that’s watching super super kind of you I don’t even realize we have that many people watching us that was crazy Rowan’s is putting all these coding guys there’s loads of codes in our live chat hey ray Loewy a champ says hello I’m new to your channel and I’ve seen your livestream America mended that’s amazing thank you so much for joining us we’re massively appreciate you joining us hope you enjoying the stream if you are please hit that subscribe now we’d really appreciate it we’re trying to get to 1500 subscribers guys we live stream every Saturday and Sunday or chicken crisis I’m Ellie from school oh hey Ellie thanks join us we really appreciate it the legend says do we speak any other languages unfortunately I don’t I can i what language can you speak okay guys let’s go for another like spike in five four three two one like spike mash them like buns guys if you’re a gamer let’s get them like smashed up the legend says I am French well that’s amazing but since is Roman me and my cousin are watching your stream shout to Mia hi Mia pokey arrow says I know English French Spanish and Russian wow that’s amazing pokey hero also you seem to know all the codes for this game this is crazy and apparently Roman wasn’t too impressed my French no he wasn’t oh I love this trail was like swells no way I just busting eight suits is what did the pets do I’ve not figured that and they help you with like speed or jumping okay so they give you extra powers and stuff yeah they love you up and that kind of thing have you get you that much faster I think you know some loads of other codes that you haven’t yet put in gives you x well yeah oh yeah ACH pic because you multiply on your stuff that is amazing how cool is that so this is a really quite fun game actually it’s quite soon and thank you for all the codes that you’ve given us to pokey here oh and also keV why T we massively massive repeat these appreciate those codes block this what is the game this is saver simulator Alvin blocks I’m trying to get to to pay so I can level up my name I like 100 coins off me sir thanks for the shout out you’re welcome well these things from now a botanist is is that a game chair if so that’s awesome yeah it is a gaming chair oh I don’t I have no I’m nowhere near two million and I was looking or something else I only have thirty six point nine nine three K whoa trying to see yeah let’s go to these guys let’s get okay guys we’re gonna try and do raid so here we go so rate just before we go so thank you everybody for joining us tonight really do appreciate it go over to the link on the live chat here go there put hashtag Roman rate in their live chat thank you so much until next time we’ll see you then keep safe please give us comments down below please subscribe

HE… LIED TO ME!?! | ROBLOX Saber Simulator

HE... LIED TO ME!?! | ROBLOX Saber Simulator

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Roblox (stylized as RŌBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Roblox Corporation. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world and design their own games. Games on Roblox can be scripted using a sandboxed edition of Lua to affect events that occur in-game and create different scenarios. The company’s main source of revenue comes from players buying Robux, the main virtual currency in the game, and from players buying “Builders Club” access, a status which gives virtual benefits to users.

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hey everyone it’s your friend the noodles and welcome back to roblox where today we are playing a game that has been on top of the popular list for a couple of weeks now and it was using the beat saver font and and and I I hear like those sound effects I mean those are Star Wars anyway so let’s give it a go in this game you become better fighter by training with your Sabre equip your Sabre to begin done use your Sabre to gain strength having strength increases your health and damage head to the cell area or click the cell button to trade your strength for coins enter the shop and you were able to upgrade or the shop area to upgrade your Sabre DNA or class upgrade your Sabre to get more strength per swing upgrade your DNA to get a higher max strength like a new class is the top class of Jedi be the only one at the top of the hill to earn a king up point and get on top of the leaderboard safe zones ok whatever I so we’re in a safe zone and I have a black lightsaber and I’m an oboe well that’s not very nice are there codes for this my goodness there’s like 1 2 3 4 or 5 alright let’s pop it open here we go so let’s start with Mir that’s not how you spell mirrors but I’ll okay good gravy so apparently all of the codes are active ah Rob Z holy cow razor are you guys keeping track of how many I put in boss pres golden Henry dev yep straw click so air studio moments late L MA moments later defiled the next morning sub to Austin many unbearable hours later I now have 11 000 strength out of 30 at 8000 coins and 7 whatever these are which is worth like a little over fifty robots so that’s cool right okay so do I have to walk back in here to sell my strength let’s see okay so we got 11 000 strength at now how many coins if I go back in 30000 going delay light how much is 30 ton yo guys that’s like that’s like 200 robux worth of coins alright so let’s go to the shop because we don’t need this noob weapon anymore that like isn’t even a lightsaber look at this two per swing so right now I’ve got one purse wing and it’s free so wait oh you have to buy them in order so I can do 15 next 45 I got 30 000 dude what are you thinking let’s keep going wait how far do I hold but the problem is so I need to upgrade my DNA because I’m gonna get 16 per swing so watch what happens wait 300 max totally cost 25 bucks okay there we go let dude I already beat this game like wait is this is this the max two point is that it oh no oh nevermind okay why is wait golden DNA is worse than green that doesn’t make any sense okay what about my class okay um oh oh yeah wait two million wait I gotta get two million before I can upgrade my class even one time oh that is not fair alright poison bubbles VIP no with that that’s tricky right you might be like oh click because they think button color is the same and then you spend robots no flame okay oh no we’re down to 2000 okay wait oh I can’t get the plasma one okay so we got flame and what about my DNA oh dude I can’t afford that either that’s okay here we go oh my goodness it’s like literally a flame okay look at it go though dude okay I’m getting rich wait wait those pets wait I want to pet a zero out of 50 where do i where do I get my pets here and why does it I unplug my xbox controller I don’t know why it still says like the Xbox oh dude the pets are over here how much money do we have mm oh they cost these things oh I can buy one I got I got one I got one there we go it already says Pig all right oh yeah okay yeah it already said Pig okay there’s my pet hey he doesn’t he doesn’t have a face okay but look one point okay all right now how do I get these like King coins or whatever that I’m seeing here like oh and over the candy corns I don’t know what we do with these but I see we can collect them I got one I wish I could like hold down the click button instead of having to click it every time but we need we need to figure some of this stuff out so wait where’s my Pig okay I see my Pig guys wait a second oh my pig has a face now oh that’s good he’s got a zombie dog these are all Halloween based well the pigs aren’t I guess but what’s this do whoa hey okay I’m I’m up here what’s up here oh is this the hill I’m at the top of the hill this is how you go that’s how you get the King points or whatever right from the top of that hill there whoa look at this dude I want to kill them hits remaining what wait oh there’s a boss I saw it set on the outside there’s the pumpkin boss wait oh my goodness are you kidding me so wait he doesn’t attack us okay my strength is like okay wait I have a one kill streak who did I kill so um each hit is worth one point that is a long time to kill the boss I wonder what you get for it though but I’m getting my strength points also so I mean I might as well do this right I think ah max strength so wait why did I die wait I didn’t lose my strength did I okay okay all right I don’t know what killed me I think the dude killed me somehow but I know how this works this is our simulators work it’s always up out up and you got to keep moving alright so now we’ve got 82 thousand bucks let’s keep going now the DNA I’m not gonna worry about for now let’s just keep buying 29 that might be it yeah okay so 75 K is what we need next but we’re at 185 Perce wing yeah there we go 425 that’s way faster dude what was it nice I was just going to the shop we quit it okay I’m not in the safe something but the path isn’t the safe so don’t do it leave me alone oh my goodness this guy’s no stop it yeah yeah I’m not sure what that was about there we go so thank you very much all right cool let’s go and a buyer next week stop it is that one cost a lot so what 11 is my next one I’m not even sure okay how much does this give me 850 yeah that’s not that much of an upgrade what is our um can we upgrade our DNA so that I don’t like Oh 400 I should have before I didn’t realize that yeah okay well that one’s too expensive but um yeah this is this is gonna give us a lot more running room before we have to sell again I want to go to this shop here but I feel like I’m gonna get killed all right let’s just let’s see it oh my goodness somebody’s getting killed can I cut you can’t run no no no no no I made it I made it I made it okay what is this I what what I don’t get it what huh wait someone’s got 900 million crowns do you get it from killing people is that the deal look everybody that tries to come here this guy just hacks them but he can’t you can’t get me dude he wants to kill me so bad but everybody who tries to come here watch watch watch watch watch what’s gonna happen get him you see oh no he didn’t get him he didn’t get him I get this slow bro oh look see but he’s going after that guy see look at that trying to cut ah ha ha dude oh my goodness he duped you so hard there’s three of us now bill GZ got that guy though dude he got that guy I’m just gonna sit here until mine goes at what hey we can’t do it right now you can’t boom sell how much we got I didn’t see Oh 354 000 or coins or whatever they are that seems like a lot already okay let’s okay but oh oh and I only need two million actually so that increases my strength okay it’s actually going pretty fast okay so wait okay okay okay let’s do this so 111 please 208 I got it okay nice and then this 32 oh yeah use that vet low what are we getting per swing now 1 000 per swing now we’re talking dude now I want to try week so I have what oh my goodness their strength is so strong that it’s 2.4 something something something okay I am still a noob what do you what do you got to do to not be a noob anymore you got to get like millions of strength is that I don’t oh this is the hill isn’t it oh geez I’m gonna die pretty sure I’m gonna die up here yeah so that person is just standing there hi can I can I stand with you oh do I get anything for this cuz I’m in the circle now did I get anything for this I’m not I’m not hitting that person just being nice they got shiny pets and everything great just just great from cell to this little area here there’s there’s a little bit of in between that ain’t safe zone and I’m getting killed a lot in that zone so I go to cell and then I go here and I come back out and then like somebody kills me like almost every yes see like that you see that I didn’t get killed but somebody else did oh I think oh no I’m killing people so you know what it is it’s not even an intentional it’s like I was I’m just you know constantly clicking and then you go and sell right and if someone’s walking out while you do it like you’re gonna cut them on accident whoa this is like a Mario pipe what’s going on here can you go down no why is this raid of the year that doesn’t make any sense like you shouldn’t put that on your map if you can’t go down in the pipe but I’m still like having a hard time figuring out how to get these King like King points other than I think standing in that circle on top of the hill which like can anyone actually do until they are like way ope maybe that’s the deal maybe you’re not supposed to get pets because that does points are forgetting pets and maybe you’re just not supposed to get pets until you get a little bit through the game but then we entered like Oh what have you won me what but dude I have like a I have like a better sword I think I don’t know weird you going get over here dude we’re not hitting each other at all there I got you I wonder what he won yeah kill me think please bow bow everybody wants to die to the sword oh that guy’s like a I don’t know you got me unless maybe at some point if you get a long enough streak like maybe like 10 or more it’s worth something but I don’t see what the point of the kill streak is if it doesn’t Quinn it oh yeah two million five can we get through whoo all right so I gotta say though with the beat saber font and everything you would expect there to be like some beat saber level music unlocking a new clap resets all other game progress are you sure so wait this is like rebirthing already 150 million way so now what I’m a noob again oh this ain’t good you know why this ain’t good oh dear guys this ain’t good at all because like I don’t have all those coins to like jumpstart me oh this was this was not I didn’t I mean I thought it the route oh my goodness I’m already full hang on hang on the music I can upgrade my DNA here oh dear I guess if I you know oh it’s a part of that like so if you oh no that’s the only VIP one because gonna say if you do a VIP one they can’t take that away from you but like then you’ve only got twenty k map I got no money I’m an apprentice oh that’s what I okay so those are the things I see okay so I’m not a new bit anymore at least I’ve got that well I am obviously but at least I’ve got that not over my head anymore like I feel less noobish I suppose Wow come on man yeah I thought that the soldier was gonna be two or four million it is one hundred and fifty million for the next class that is crazy dude are you serious alright what about my next DNA the sample thing then dude I don’t yo 150 million just for the next class so what are these like after that so is it like a billion for that we’ll find out we’ll get the second item actually I don’t even know 150 million is a long way man all right this dude right here showing me where the candy corn shop is or what I’m supposed to do with them I don’t know buddy okay catches us and kills us oh is it this like I don’t know gosh don’t stop they ain’t stopped swinging dude don’t do it okay all right is it here is this what we do whoa oh wait under the waterfall okay this is hard to get sit wait wait maybe you lot you lied what what oh let’s try and kill the boss maybe we’ll get something good out of this if we can get like see the good thing is we get a lot of people in here together and yeah that’s what I’m talking about so I’m building up my strength the only problem is that yeah my strength is gonna fill my DNA oh I could probably I could probably upgrade it but it might take me to the shop to do that but look at this we’re actually taking them down and I can leave the whole server here and everyone will follow so we’ll see how do I upgrade yeah okay what do I got let’s upgrade oh yeah we can upgrade let’s go oh no I don’t have enough for that okay but I might as well sell like what sword you have actually doesn’t matter for the boss let’s get some alien jelly DNA let’s get some random DNA we got anything nope no to rainbow okay so this this will actually let me stay there a lot longer now oh ho we’re under 101 100 here we go 5 4 3 2 1 boom yo yo that’s how yeah yeah we got crowns yes that’s how you do it that’s how you get the crowns you don’t have to be the king of the hill and you could take out the boss oh okay well I can get look at this look at this look at this all right we could get two more pets give me a rare one please a cat with no face okay it’s slightly rarer okay come on come on come on a dog again no face but ah there they are okay wait now can I see my pets what kind of can I do anything okay so 1.14 1.1 1.2 okay hey my shirt bro yeah you can buy pets I know I know and they boost so now wait let’s sell it’s like a 20 million to sell I actually might be able to go to the next class now let’s see 61 33 no yeah we only need 150 million right yeah let’s let’s do that a little bit longer nice there it is okay 150 million I hope I remembered that correctly class ah become a soldier so that so it was times 1 why would you go down anyway but boom yes 150 so the next is paladin wait what eleven point two five billion yo it’s like that’s crazy that’s like completely insane oh my goodness ah cell obviously have to and then we can upgrade in a second should I oh yeah let me sell again just so I can all right there and one more swing swing yo turd upgrade there we go alright let’s up create our DNA let’s upgrade our saber it should make the sabers cheaper since I spent so much money whoa really okay yes so I mean I do get the billion thing I guess because I’ve already gotten up to 2 million so quickly I didn’t expect that cuz like this is not even like 2 away like these are not even I Wow oh dude there’s a new boss it’s a black and red boss alright we need to go over there and give like get another chance let’s see so 340 million that’s fine I don’t care you know what cuz it doesn’t matter what the boss let’s unlock some major DNA edge there it Greta my craft block what alright let’s do this up one more time let’s take out this black and red boss hopefully nobody kills me on in my way oh dude here’s much less so I wonder if the one we took out so there’s a special pumpkin boss it says at the start or like went on the main page so I’m expecting that the pumpkin boss would have more health but this guy’s have got like half the health of the other guy so let’s let’s kill this guy see if we can get some more crowns three two one and boom what do we get I got more coins yep it’s not safe to hunt anymore thanks buddy so I think oh I thought that went to 0 2 so I think that you get more I still have enough for that alright we can we do it can we open three there oh no no no no no okay so you um I got a noob yeah um so worst one I got a cat another cat can we can we sell these pets what can we do with these things because I so I think as you get so if I was a higher level right a higher class ah ID so close if I was our class how many can I quit oh I see hang on so 1.62 that’s just giving me the extra crowns it’s the pets ah okay I want to see so the next class is 11 billion guess not right so let’s upgrade our saber a little bit ya know oh wow that whoo check it out a dual saber dude dual venom saber alright and let’s see what do we got here let’s do that let’s do a little bit more of that all right now do we go oh yeah look at that a million per swing dude that yo that’s gonna go really fast uh we got no boss but every time so so that’s how you do it right so what you have to do is is keep upgrading your pets keep taking out the bosses or if you can get to the top of the hill and you know be the dude up there fine but if not keep up on your pets and then you’ll get better pets and then you get the next class of pets you guys get the point all right twelve point three billion I think we got it here for the final class just to see let’s unlock Caledon well not the final class obviously there are many many more I just want to see okay here we go oh and assassin is almost a trillion yeah but its strength times nine so actually you know it went from one to two to four that’s doubling and then this is only 50 more right four to six and then again with 50 more so it’s not as valuable from the start okay wow that was really quick but I got five very Goins let’s get a few more all right and you guys know rinse and repeat I think there’s a boss is the pumpkin boss we have to take out the pumpkin boss right because we don’t care about what sword we have and we’re gonna go take out the pumpkin boss and see if we can get a decent pet two one come on what do we got what no crowns what I got candy corn I got 500 candy corn what am I supposed to do alright I need to find out where I exchange it because all that dude gives is candy corn what do we do with it oh people said you can exchange it for eggs what oh this dude oh my goodness uh huh uh huh there we go yay all right there we go I got a vampire next let’s open them up there we go I got some that’s why people have uh oh four stars whoo 1.5 3 dude it’s not I don’t know if it’s shiny I that’s yeah that’s really good that’s like one in a hundred guys oh ho let’s see how good it is all right so spider um we’ve got a shiny vampire oh good for you man but I got okay is that it is that it okay wait wait I got I got I got I got a bad a got you need our back me too me too me on bad okay yes so uh all right here we go here we go all right let’s see okay on equip on equip wait on a clip on equip on equip and let’s see so the cat was 1.2 1.2 1.6 what Oh 5.5 x for the vampire or all vampires the same they are and then the spider 2.5 whoa so now okay well I mean I don’t know it dude well this is kind of weak right now because I haven’t like upgraded oh I’m sorry buddy I haven’t upgraded my um my saber but what is whoa do check him out he’s so cool so now theoretically when I beat another boss we will get a ton of coins all right let’s see now let’s see how minute let’s see how much okay oh yeah that’s pretty good that’s pretty good for not really a high level saber but now and how much money do I get yep there it is there it is alright so we’re back in business but next time there’s a boss I will get a ton ton of the but guys I think that’s it for this episode and I’m so glad I stuck around and got that neon baton and learned how to use it so guys if you enjoyed it let me know by clicking the like button also if you’re new here subscribe for more videos like this and I’ll see you guys again soon thanks for watching